Book Reviewers

Do you enjoy trying new authors and genres of books? Do you enjoy writing reviews and providing honest feedback on the works you read? If so, then we have a wonderful prospect for you, dear Reader!
At Bookplex, we run a program for readers who are willing to write honest and unbiased book reviews. As a reviewer for Bookplex, you are entitled to the following benefits:
  • Free copy of books that you review
  • You will be paid a convenience Fee of $5 per review
To become a Reviewer for Bookplex, there are certain criteria you must meet which include:
  • Committed to writing honest and unbiased reviews
  • High familiarity with the English Language
  • An account with 
  • Experience of having written at least five reviews. If you do not possess such experience, then we can initially put you under trainee programme. 

How does it work?

We periodically release books for review to our group of reviewers. (They receive this information by email or on their account with Bookplex).
As a reviewer, you will select books that you find interesting from the list circulated. On making your choice, you will be provided a copy of the book in an eBook format, for you to pursue at your leisure. 
Upon reviewing the book, you will be required to post the review. We will never edit or ask you to change your reviews under any circumstances. We may however interact with you only to ensure the authenticity and unbiased nature of the review is maintained. 

Why us? 

Bookplex is an aggregator for honest, unbiased and timely reviews.  
In our reviewing process, the Author does not interact with and is not aware of the identity of the Reviewers till the reviews are posted. The process of maintaining anonymity ensures complete transparency and leaves no room for any doubt. 
The Reviewers have to ensure that:
They have reviewed the book only after reading it in its entirety, 
They are not biased against issues raised in the book
They have not made any personal comments against the Author. 
Bookplex will never edit reviews or influence any reviewer. All reviews, whether positive, neutral or negative, will be posted.
Bookplex has been in this service since 2011 and withstood the test of Authors, Reviewers, Readers and Marketplaces.

To learn and understand how to write an excellent review, please visit our article - How To Write A Book Review

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