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Bookplex connects you to independent book reviewers who would love to read and review your book on Amazon and other websites. Since our inception in 2011, we have built a huge network of book reviewers and enjoy the trust of readers, authors and marketplaces.


 Why is Bookplex the smartest way to get Book Reviews?


  • 1.
    No Legal Notice from Amazon

    We follow strict ethical rules that ensure fair and unbiased reviews. All the reviewers are required to state their personal opinions.

  • 2.
    Network of 3,036 Reviewers

    Among the largest network of independent readers. We have created a database of readers that enjoy reading books from indie authors.

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    Convenience - No Need to chase reviewers

    Let us pitch your book in front of readers. Once the reviewers are assigned, we follow-up to ensure timely submission of reviews.


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    Access to 16,772 Readers

    Every week, we send out a newsletter to our subscribers who are avid book readers. If our reviewers love your book, we will feature it in our newsletter.

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    Trusted since December 10, 2011

    Over 4 years of experience in the revieiwng industry. We have worked with over 1200 authors. Your book is in safe hands.

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    Experienced in all genres

    Mysteries, Thrillers, Romance, Children's Books, Historical Fiction, YA, Science-Fiction, Non-Fiction, Erotica, Paranormal, Self-Help and many more.


How to Get Amazon Book Reviews
"As an author and a publisher, I fully appreciate the value of quality book reviews.  I personally can vouch
for the boost in interestfrom the professional book reviews I've received from Bookplex.
I encourage any author/publisher to do the same."




We offer two categories of review packages:

1. Standard Reviews - In this package, the Author can send us the book to be reviewed in any digital format for direct circulation among our trusted reviewers.

  • 1 Review - $21
  • 3 Reviews - $59
  • 5 Reviews - $89
  • 10 Reviews - $169
  • 15 Reviews - $249

2. Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews In this package, the reviewers will buy your book from the Amazon Kindle Store and thus the reviews posted will have the “Amazon Verified Purchase” tag, thus authenticating them further.

  • 1 Review - $25 + Cost of book
  • 3 Reviews - $69 + Cost of books
  • 5 Reviews - $109 + Cost of books
  • 10 Reviews - $199 + Cost of books
We provide a refund guarantee on all reviews that we fail to provide.

In case you have any questions, please fill in our contact form through this link – Contact Us



How does it work?

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In case you have any questions, please fill in our contact form through this link – Contact Us