Self-Published Book Evaluation Service

Whether you are looking to publish a new book, or considering re-launching an older one, an evaluation report can be the eye-opener you need to help your book achieve its maximum potential. Editorial evaluation can give you a professional grading, but it's the readers in the market that you need to appeal to. 
At Bookplex, we have curated a team of Experienced Readers, from across genres, who will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your book, from an unbiased spectatre's point of view. We aim to help you understand the market's reception of your book. We will not only provide you with a general overview of your manuscript, but also provide a detailed analysis of the varous aspects of your writing, along with constructive comments on improving your book. Our readers have reviewed over 500 books and assisted several authors in improving their books.


The Evaluation Report

Experienced readers will read your book at least twice, and prepare the evaluation report. 
The file will contain an in-depth analysis of the following areas:


Apart from analysis, the report will also include:       


The report will be a reflection of the reader's opinions based on his/her experience. 


Benefits of using Bookplex for evaluating your book

  • Extensive Reports – Our reports are both specific as well as extensively outlined, prepared after thorough readings of your book.
  • Cost Effective – Our service is affordable and cost effective, giving you a detailed report for a fraction of the market price offered by our competitors. 
  • Seasoned Experts We have specifically curated a team of seasoned readers with years of experience assisting authors.
  • Trusted by Authors – Bookplex has been assisting self-published authors since 2011, and our services are therefore catered specifically to your needs.



Our policy is to provide services at affordable rates, without compromising on the quality of work. 

Our evaluation services are offered at:

- One Reader Report - $149.00

-  Two Reader Reports - $279.00

Advantages of getting more than one reader report are that you get a wider perspective on your book. There will be age, demographic and general subjective preference differences between readers assigned if you choose more than one report.

If you have any questions, contact us by clicking here.


All reports will be strictly confidential and for your personal use only. They will not be made public unless the author specifically asks for it.