Step Up Your Sales - Countdown Deal Promotion

Running a countdown deal of your book is a crucial promotional activity. It can tremendously affect your book’s success. Your aim should be to connect with as many readers as possible because you never know which set of readers will go on to buy your other books.

Bookplex connects you to over 16,500 avid readers who are willing to try out new books. Feature your book's limited time discount deal on Bookplex and get new readers that appreciate your writing.

The Bookplex Advantage

Bookplex Advantage



We charge a flat fee for promoting your book, irrespective of your discount price. The table below shows our pricing for each genre.




How it works
If your book is free or discounted for a limited period or permanently, we would love to feature it, if it meets our editorial requirements.
Simply sign up and submit your book details, along with the deal on offer. 
Upon acceptance of your book by us, we will share your book deal with our readers, who will buy it from Amazon.
It's that easy!