About Us

On the 10th of December 2011, Bookplex was established with the sole intention of connecting readers to new authors and their literary works. This intention translated into a two-fold aim: to help authors in their publishing journey and to help readers find good books to add to their collection. 
Over the years, we have helped over 1100 Authors in their publishing journey. Through the thousands of unbiased reviews that we post every year, we have been helping the reader community to find great books to read.
We strongly believe in encouraging talent in the literary field and our vision is to ensure that no good author is left unnoticed by the reader community. We aim to provide a pool of honest and unbiased reviews that will help potential readers to handpick great books from among the millions being churned out into the market annually.
Apart from the book review service, we recently introduced a deal service where readers can get access to great offers and deals on a strictly curated list of some of the best titles in the market, keeping in line with our vision of promoting great talent in the reading pool. 
Another initiative that we have undertaken is that of running a Manuscript Evaluation Service, for those writers who wish to get a second or third opinion on their work. It entails notes by an experienced reader who will review the manuscript based on a carefully marked list of criteria that includes storyline, writing style, characterization, editing and presentation.
All this and more is what the Bookplex community has to offer and we certainly hope that you will connect with us to enhance the experience!